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Winterize Your RV

Don’t be left out in the cold! Call today to schedule a appointment to have your RV winterized!


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“Spring Giveaway”

Our 1st “Spring Giveaway” for 2 Zero Gravity Chairs will be on April 30th.

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5th Wheel Skirts on **SALE**

Camco 5th Wheel Skirts on sale!

Small 242×68 Arctic White (new in box) $$ 75.00 + tax/shipping (1 available)
Large 292×68 Arctic White (out of box) $$ 50.00 + tax/shipping (1 available)

*Heavy duty laminated vinyl construction
*Integrated Zippers Allow for easy access to storage area
*Snap & grommet system make a quick & easy set-up/removal
*Galvanized steel hold down stakes


Sealant Inspection

Protect your investment, keep your RV dry! Recommended twice a year!

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Be Winter-Wise & Winterize

Proper winterization of your RV’s water system is essential to prevent costly freeze damage when temperatures take a dive.

Try Piranha!

We recommend PIRANHA which packs a super-high bacteria count and fast-acting enzymes into a very safe and easy to use product, capable of digesting all solid waste and rapidly eliminating odors! PIRANHA lubricates tank valves, cleans tank sensors and can be used in grey or black tanks.

$25.00 ea / 2 for $45.00 + shipping/handling


Manage The Moisture

7 Simple Steps To Manage The Moisture Levels In Your RV

  1. Keep your RV well ventilated.
  2. Whenever you boil the kettle, cook or wash up steam is produced. Open the window next to the cooking area to let the steam out. Also keep the lids on pans when you cook.
  3. When ever you have a shower or wash, open the roof vent in the bathroom/wetroom and if possible the bathroom window too, to let the steam out.
  4. Don’t underestimate how much Co2 and therefore condensation we produce by breathing. And especially when we sleep. So try to leave a window or roof vent open during the night. Most RVs are kitted out with fly nets to prevent bugs from getting in.
  5. Always wipe up excess moisture straight away. Although the showers and sinks will be sealed, any moisture left hanging around can gradually seep into the woodwork and cause damp. Wipe it up.
  6. Don’t create excess water and steam. For example don’t leave a kettle boiling for minutes (we use a steam kettle in the van to save electricity), instead pour it as soon as it boils.
  7. Another very popular way to keep the moisture levels in check in your RV is to use an electric dehumidifier. There are many available on the market.